Question: What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), wherein sterile, disposable, very fine (hair-thin) needles are inserted into various acupuncture points (there are more than 365 points over meridians or channels (14 regular meridians) that span over entire body for about 20-30 minutes after tongue and pulse diagnosis to treat various acute and chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, migraines, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, spondylosis, slip disc, asthma, blindness, paralysis, headaches, IBS, psoriasis, allergies, hair falls, myopia, etc. | Acupuncture is holistic health care therapy, which is 100% natural without any side effects, that is used to relieve various pains, treat internal Zang-fu organs (such as liver, kidneys, heart, stomach, spleen, large intestines, etc.) in case of organ failure or chronic diseases, balance yin and yang, excess v/s deficiency, and to treat external and internal disease-causing e

Is Acupuncture Painful and Safe, Do needles hurt? Painless Acupuncture Alternatives in 2020

No more fear of pain with acupuncture needling, painless & safe acupuncture alternatives by Dr Rudresh Ph +91-7676760107 Top Medical Acupuncture Doctor in Bangalore. All Your Questions about Acupuncture Needles and Treatments Explained. Lot of people have fear and myths about acupuncture as they must have bad, painful experience with syringe needles while getting injections by nurses (IV, IM, catheterization). However, I wll assure you acupuncture needles DO NOT hurt as they are very thin (1/20th of regular syringe needles) and are inserted by skilled, trained, and experienced acupuncturist (Dr. Rudresh, MD, PhD, D.Acu, BAcu, BDS, is a medical doctor with allopathy and acupuncture background with 20 years of experience from both Indian and USA hospitals. Also, Wellness Clinic uses 100% UV sterilized and pre-packed, one-time use disposable needles, so no need to worry about any infections, bleeding, or pain. So, go ahead and take acupuncture without any fear a

Acupressure for Pain: How to Perform Acupressure For Body Pain for Instant Relief?

Here are Top 2 Powerful Acupressure Points for Fast & Instant Relief of Any Body Pains in 2 Mins by India's Top Acupuncture Doctor (Dr Rudresh Ph 7676760107). Works Great for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Migraines, Slip Disc Pain, Hip Pain, etc. Top Acupressure Video in Youtube for Body Pain Learn the Best Pain Remedies that work naturally including WHO-Approved Acupuncture Treatments for Pain Relief. Here, I have demonstrated through easy-to-learn Top Acupressure Youtube Video for Pain like how to use top 2 and most effective acupressure Points For Pain Relief that are used by most of the experienced and successful acupuncturists all over the old including licensed acupuncturists (LAc) in USA and TCM doctors in China. Herbal Pain Killer Remedies work but are very slow compared to strong allopathic pain killers like Nimesulid, Brufen, Narcotic pain killers, Morphine, aspirin, Dolo 650 (which have severe side effects in

Bollywood Anupam Kher's Paralysis Cured by Acupuncture; Best Acupuncture Clinic in Bangalore

Bollywood Actor Anupam Kher suffered Facial Paralysis during shooting of bollywood film, then he met neurologist in Mumbai, but his paralysis was not completely cured. As per media reports, he finally took acupuncture treatments, which has cured his paralysis completely. AcuSTAR is India's Best Acupuncture Clinic who has Allopathy cum Acupuncture Doctors, been trained in Spain, SriLanka, and USA with 20 years of experience. Doctors use scalp acupuncture, in addition to body and ear acupuncture, to treat and cure any paralysis (Bell's palsy, hemiplegia, paraplegia, hemiparesis, Facial paralysis) using WHO-approved, NIH-recommended, evidence-based scientific acupuncture to completely cure paralysis and stroke sequelae. If patient comes in within hours and days, you can see complete recovery from stroke and paralysis in just one sitting, but many take days and weeks for a complete recovery. Compared to allopathy and physiotherapy, acupuncture safe, very effective, highly rec

Best Acupuncture Doctor Near Me in Bangalore

Best Acupuncturist near me in Bangalore is Dr Rudresh, MD, PhD, BDS, D.Acu, B.Acu, MDAc Internationally trained doctor in 7 systems of acupuncture He is allopathy cum TCM acupuncture doctor with 20 years of experience How to Find Best Acupuncture doctor near me in Vijayanagar, Nagarabhavi, Basaveshwara nagar, Rajajinagar, Kengeri, Rajarajeswhari nagar, Banashanakari, Gandhinagar, Yeshwanthapura in Bangalore Contact Number: +91-76 76 76 01 07 Website: is Contact us for any pains, sciatica, migraines, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, varicose veins, neck pain, headache, obesity, diabetes cure